Ken Lee Medical Centre
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Specialist Service


CARDIOLOGY (1 specialist)

-Cardiovascular Medicine
-Perioperative Management
-Work/Student Permit Cardiovascular Assessment
-Electrocardiogram (ECG)
-Treadmill Exercise Test
-24/48 Hour ECG (Holter)
-24 hr BP
-1/2 week Cardiac Event Recorder
-Tilt Table Test
-Cardiac Computed Tomography
-Cardiac Catheterisation & PCI
-Pacemaker Implantation
-Carotid Intima Media Thickness US
-Stress Echocardiogram
-Transoesophageal Echocardiogram


Knee Surgeries
- Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (Anterior Curciate Ligament Surgery)
- Meniscectomy or Meniscal Repair (Meniscal Tear)
- Removal of loose bodies or osteophytes (Loose bodies & osteophytes)

Shoulder Surgeries

- Arthroscopic subacromial decompression (Impingement syndrome)
- Shoulder arthroscopy & reconstruction

Joint Replacement
- Spine Surgeries

GENERAL SURGERY (1 specialist)

-OGD/ Endoscopy
-PPHTM stapled haemorrhoidectory
-Appendicectomy (Appendicitis)
-Open/ Laparascopic Hernia Surgery
-Laparascopic Colectomy
-Breast surgery
-Thyroid Surgery
-Cholecystostomy (Gall Stone)
-Varicose Vein Surgery

OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY (2 female specialists)

-Antenatal Care
-Gynaecological Consultation
-Cervical Smear Screening
-HPV vaccine (cervical cancer prevention **)
-Ultrasound (Obstetrical & Gynaecological)
-Open/ Laparascopic Gynaecological Surgery
-Hysteroscopic Surgery

OPHTHALMOLOGY (1 female specialist)

-Complete Eye Assessement
-Children eye assessment and Optometry services
-Optometrist Services
-Laser Procedures
-Botox Injection
-Photodynamic Therapy
-Double Eyelid
-Eyelid & Orbit Operation
-Pterygium Surgery
-Squint Surgery

PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT SERVICES (1 female clinical psychologist)

1.Individual Psychotherapy for the treatment of:
-Depression (loneliness, low energy, interpersonal separation, loss/death of a loved one)
-Anxiety (excessive worries)
-Mental health challenges
-Physical pain (illnesses/chronic pain)
-Trauma (childhood negative experience)
-Adjustment difficulties (prenatal, postnatal, life transitions)
-Identity problems (self esteem/image, self growth, career and schooling)
-Intense moods (anger, high/low mood fluctuations, stress, irritation)
2.Couples Counseling dealing with issues related to;
-Marital challenges (stagnation, infidelity)
-Intimate relationships (issues related to sexuality, trust, and intimacy)
-Premarital therapy
-Pregnancy (planning, prenatal/postnatal)
3.Family Psychotherapy related to issues dealing with;
-Communication difficulties (isolated, inter-generational misunderstandings)
-Children behavioral challenges
-Grief and loss
4.Parent & Child Dyadic Psychotherapy
-Attachment issues (bonding issues, separation anxiety, reactive attachment)
-Dealing with child temperament
-Child developmental/behavioral challenges
-Parental fatigue
-Postpartum blues
-Mental health challenges
5.Child Play Pyschotherapy
-Behavioral challenges (difficulties with concentration, hyperactivity)
-Developmental problems (pervasive developmental delays/learning difficulties)
-Intense moods (anger, excessive worries, anxiety, high/low mood fluctuations)
-Peer relationships (sibling rivalries, difficulty forming friendships, bullying)
-Bereavement (loss of family members or significant loved ones)
- Adjustment problems (change of caregivers, school transitions, relocation of homes)

Urology Scope of Services (1 female specialist)

-Female Urology
-Erectile Dysfunction
-Prostatic Diseases
-Stone Diseases
-Urologic Oncology
-Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy
-Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence
-Robotic Surgery


Paediatric Surgery range of services (1 female specialist)

Day Care Surgery e.g. Pain-free Circumcision; surgery for inguinal hernia/ hydrocele/ undescended testis; umbilical hernia repair; tongue tie release; excision of lumps & bumps etc.

General paediatric surgery e.g. emergency care of paediatric injuries/ burns; endoscopies for foreign body ingestion; appendicectomy; surgery for intussusception; surgery for gastroesophageal reflux etc.

Paediatric urology e.g. surgery for various penile anomalies e.g. hypospadias, scrotal inversion; surgery for varicocele; cystoscopic procedures; vesicoureteric reflux surgery; surgery for posterior urethral valves; surgery for PUJ obstruction etc.

Paediatric gastrointestinal / hepatobiliary surgery e.g. gut endoscopies; surgery for biliary atresia/ choledochal cyst etc.

Corrective surgery for congenital deformities e.g. cleft lip/palate repair; surgery for Hirschsprung disease; surgery for imperforate hymen, etc.

Neonatal surgery e.g. surgery for anorectal malformation; surgery for hypertrophic pyloric stenosis; surgery for labial adhesion etc. Prenatal counselling is strongly recommended.

Paediatric surgical oncology e.g. benign tumours say lymphangioma/haemangioma/teratoma; malignant tumours of abdomen/ sex organs etc.